Taking a Break

You might have noticed a lack of activity from these here quarters in the past week or so. There’s nothing wrong and I’m not going anywhere, but I have decided to take a short break from updating the site. I would like to say this is because I’m off to the Seychelles and intend to spend the time walking along white beaches and drinking from coconut shells, but the reality is I’m going nowhere and instead of a tropical paradise I remain in the north-west of England, where summer means the obligatory splish-splash weather and drinking from cans of Special Brew. Put it down to a recharge and in terms of film viewing just catching up with stuff I definitively want to see rather than watching for the purpose of covering them here. This part of the year is never brilliant for ‘films on the box’ anyway. There was a time when summer meant a season of Weismuller Tarzan offerings from the BBC, but those days have long gone and instead we get countless episodes of meandering daytime telly and the strangely absorbing Pointless, which kinda sums it up.

In other news, I have embraced the twenty first century and am now the proud owner of a Blu Ray player. My starting entertainments are three movies – The Third Man (because no collection would be complete), Fury and a copy of Clash of the Titans that a neighbour donated several years ago (not even the Harry Hamlin version, for pity’s sake). My mission therefore is to enhance the collection, with a dawn raid on Masters of Cinema in order, and an order already placed for the Rathbone-Bruce Sherlock Holmes set.

As always, thank you for supporting these pages and I’ll see you on the other side.

13 Replies to “Taking a Break”

  1. Very good idea Mike – I have been doing the same for the last couple of years as I think it is really useful to recharge the batteries. The blog should only be a pleasure – see you soon again chum but keep an eye out for Edmund Gwenn trying to disturb your peace 🙂

    1. Thanks Sergio. If I was to be disturbed by anyone then the delightful Mr Gwenn wouldn’t be a bad choice. Thanks for the tip of buying the Holmes set from Amazon Italy – I’ve gone for it.

      1. Excellent! Hope you have a great time. Will be settling down to re-watch SHERLOCK IN WASHINGTON this weekend to write a quick post on it (not my favourite on the series, but good fun)

      2. I get you but the wartime Holmes are always a pleasure, aren’t they? Isn’t that the one with the “pass the microfilm” scene?

  2. I don’t know about the Weismuller Tarzans, having never seen any myself, but I often wish some of the channels would be more adventurous in their film programming, especially now there are so damn many channels. I think the BBC are almost literally on a yearly loop of what they show, and the ITV and C4 groups repeat the same films with even greater frequency. I remember at uni we watched a few silents videotaped from C4 airings — you’d never imagine them doing something like that today, and yet they have a whole damn channel dedicated to film! I think in the whole time I’ve been keeping an eye on Film4’s schedules, they’ve shown Orphans of the Storm a few times (only because it was connected to The Story of Film) and Metropolis once or twice, and that’s about it. It’s not just silents they could show more of, of course, that’s just one area I’ve observed.

    …went off on one a bit there! Anyway, hurray for Blu-ray. Masters of Cinema is definitely a good place to start. I also look forward to you coming back fully recharged from your blogging break. I’ll try to use the time to catch up on all your posts I’ve been meaning to get round to…

    1. Thanks Bob. Those old Tarzan movies are probably bobbins but I liked them as a kid. I definitely take your point about the issues with scheduling. I remember certain channels going for entire seasons at one stage – I got into Hitchcock when Channel 4 scheduled loads, week after week – but that joined up thinking seems to have largely vanished, with only Film4 going for anything vaguely along those lines when they have a week of Ghibli movies over the holidays or something. It makes my blogging ‘job’ very difficult, similarly with the trouble I find with coming across classics, which too often are the obvious titles rather than interesting but obscure alternatives. For instance, noir, and the number of times I’ve seen the famous likes of Double Indemnity and Build my Gallows High on the lists, but fewer of the less well known but no less worthy titles.

      Thanks for the Blu Ray well wishing. I’m off into Manchester shortly to see what’s on offer MoC-wise without the need to wait for postage.

  3. Enjoy the break, Mike. It’s always a good idea to take an occasional step back – I’ve been doing the same thing myself unofficially this month and really should give myself a month or so to just forget about blogging altogether; it is refreshing.
    Hope you have a good time with the new Blus as well – I don’t believe you’ll regret the decision.

    1. Thanks Colin. I imagine for you it’s just too flipping hot to blog. Is the keyboard in danger of melting, as I hear that part of the world is/has been in the grip of a proper heatwave?

      I do feel a bit like I’m betraying my Philistine tendencies in going HD – nah, not really. I was watching a bit of The Third Man last night (before mine family insisted on taking me out for dinner, damn them) and marvelling at the clarity. I was very impressed.

      1. Just done a bit of a shop in Manchester – they had some Ealing titles so I walked out with probably my favourite, DEAD OF NIGHT. Only room for one more!

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