Incredibly, when I check the statistics for this site occasionally, I find people still stumble across it and even offer a comment every now and then. I miss updating it also.

So here’s the deal. Armed with a Christmas double issue of the Radio Times, I’ve sourced the fourteen films over the holiday period that I believe deserve a write-up, heck even a recommendation, from these here pages, and that’s just what I’m offering. After those two weeks when I, hopefully like you, will get to put my feet up (at home rather than in an office), whether I keep it going, probably in a more limited form than the review-per-day schedule I was sticking to, remains to be seen. But for now, please join me as I pore through the Yuletide fare. There are some real gems tucked in amidst the schedule, and naturally some stinkers along the way.

We kick off with an old friend from these pages, so please return at the same time tomorrow, and each day throughout the next two weeks.

Happy holidays one and all!