Not the Titanic Review

Another apology from me, as my efforts to write some words on Titanic completely failed to materialise. As it was, the sinker epic was scheduled on the same evening as Aliens, and it was the latter I originally intended to cover. Having watched it on that dopey Quadrilogy boxset that surely every household has a copy of, stashed away somewhere, it occurred to me that the largely universal opinion of the film is glowing and I have nothing new to add to theĀ consensus. Titanic, however, is a very different animal. It divides people in the way only really successful films can and, having seen it many times, almost by default, I really would like to get down my thoughts on James Cameron’s watery opus.

So here’s the deal. Titanic is repeated on Friday, in a Cameron double-bill with Avatar (which, presumably, is the reason for so many of the egocentric, free spending auteur’s work being screened this week – The Abyss is putting in an appearance also). I have something else in mind for my review, so I’ll try and run two posts instead and catch up, if you will.

As for Aliens, it looks from the timeslot Film4 have devoted to it as though we’re in for the special edition, which for me does naught but flesh out the characters a little more (poor Mac McDonald, Captain Hollister from Red Dwarf, found that his cameo had been left on the cutting room floor until this cut was released), though they’re characters who are worth knowing better and the extra minutes do no harm. It’s been a while since I last caught it, probably shortly after buying the set, but it’s a cracking film with tonnes of special effects that haven’t aged at all badly. Cameron already showed his eye for detail in this (I love the bit where the armoured vehicle enters a low doorway and the gun turret slides behind the chassis so it can fit through), an ability to depict strong female characters and his unerring knack of coaxing brilliant performances out of Michael Biehn. Honestly, it’s as though only he knew how to unlock Biehn’s potential. Weird.

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