Tuesday Fail

To quote Google Chrome, well this is embarrassing… For only the first occasion in over a month, I’ve run out of time and can’t put an entry on for today. Very poor. You should be demanding your money back. For the sake of tantalising completism, today’s film was going to be 1969’s The Valley of Gwangi, featuring a Ray Harryhausen designed Tyrannosaurus Rex running amok in Mexico. It’s years since I last watched it, so another viewing was required and it just hasn’t happened. A shame; I was looking forward to it, but events outside the realm of watching old films just caught up with me for once so that’s that.

Back to normal service tomorrow. Honest.

3 Replies to “Tuesday Fail”

  1. I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it Mike. I’ve been amazed that you manage to put new pieces up every day and still get on with life. It’s a lot more than I can get round to.

    BTW, I think The Valley of Gwangi is great fun.

    1. Thanks Colin – I think it’s the lack of life that’s been keeping me going, but the weekend was more frantic than usual, there was a Manchester derby to think about and my job’s suddenly got a lot busier (not happy about the last one). I’m sure Gwangi will return. The rotation of some of these films on the cable channels is little short ofd criminal.

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